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Hi there,

I got a serious problem and need some help.

As you can see at the image, there is an 'td' where i got a data which comes from my database (MSSQL)

My problem is, my cell doesn't should get more height then 17 lines.
17 lines is my maximum in each cell.
And the width of the cell is specified to a pixel which auto warp after each ~ 40 bytes

1 line get 40 byte data or 2 byte data, doesnt matter it count as 1 line for me.
and the text will be insert from a browser based form, textarea object with a html editor included. So there are <br> and <p></p> inside the data.

Now, how should I check is the data, less or equal to 17 lines or longer then 17 lines ?

Thank you in advance.