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Thread: How to print a label directly to a printer

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    How to print a label directly to a printer

    Hi everyone

    I need some advice on a label that i need to create.

    I need to create the label in a given format and the text has to go in given places and I do not want to use crystal
    report if i can help it)

    how can I create with in the program the label and then print it directly to the printer (so the user does not have to see a preview of the labels (but they can select what printer to print the labels to)

    I have made a few very basic labels in crystal report but this label has to be perfect

    I would need to place labels as well as a image on the label

    the size of the label is
    width : 6 cm
    height : 3.5cm

    if anyone can help me with example code (just so i can get my head around how it works) or point me to a website that shows a example or even a YouTube video I would be most grateful.


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    Re: How to print a label directly to a printer

    Printing in Windows Forms is done using GDI+ through the PrintDocument class. I suggest that you start here to learn how it works. Merrion is our local printing guru so you may find other useful threads of his in the VB.NET CodeBank forum. To get to them, open that forum page, sort by Thread Starter and then navigate to about page 23. Once you know the principles, you can make an attempt to put them into practice and, if you encounter specific issues along the way, ask specific questions about them.

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    Re: How to print a label directly to a printer

    Are you meaning to print to a normal printer (e.g., HP Laserjet) or an actual label printer (e.g., Zebra, Intermec, Sato, etc)?

    If the latter than you normally just create the format in some label making software (e.g., Nicelabel) and then your .Net program downloads that format file to the printer and then will send the separate commands to select the desired format and fill in the appropriate fields.

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