I'm asking this more out of curiosity than anything else, but I probably would wind up using it if I could trust it.

For me to truly embrace multithreading, I'd really like it to meet the following criteria:

  • Will run equally well in the IDE as compiled. It would be far less attractive to me if this isn't met.
  • Doesn't require any "separate" dependencies. In other words, it's all done with standard Windows API calls.
  • Shares the same address space as the application that spawned it. I suspect that this would always be the case.

Also, until I see how it would be implemented, I'm not entirely sure what other features it could have, such as instantiating COM objects, loading forms, etc. Also, it's not clear to me how you'd tell it what functions/procedures to run in the second thread, but I think that would be more clear once the implementation was understood.

Also, obviously, it would need some kind of standard callback functions for "SuccessfullyCompleted", and "AbnormallyTerminated". Or maybe a "status" variable that's periodically checked by the primary thread would be enough.

I suppose any limits imposed on the primary thread while the secondary thread is running would have to be well understood.

Is there anything out there like this?

Best Regards,