I doubt any of you will respond but....as usual, here we go

Well for the first time ever, I'm going to attempt to do shadows in my Android app.

And I heard the modern approach to this is what is called "Shadow Mapping" which basically is a texture map that has the shadow I'm guessing. But I'm a complete noob at it. I found this awesome tutorial here:


Problem is, most of the functions either don't exist, or require a higher level API. And that I don't want, because I want to support multiple devices. I also came across this:


And I'm still struggling trying to understand it. I know how to setup the Shadow Map, but to get the closest depth for the shadow map, and to render it blew a few fuses in my brain. Even if I get just simple "Shadow Acne", I would be happy with the results. Does anyone know anything about shadows and shadow mapping? Thanks!