I'm working on a new database indexing engine project, and I would like to know if is there on the net some databases comparative benchmarks.
For the moment i didn't find this kind of tests ( I mean something like CPU benchmarks ...., with different DBs like MySQL, PostGres, SQL server and so on ).

From tests I made with my DB engine and MySQL I have hugely higher performances, and I would like to compare them with others benchs to confirm results.

In order to compare with MySQL I've installed MySQL and My DB engine locally the same PC ( AMD ThreadRipper 1950X@4Ghz, 32 Go RAM DDR4, Disk: SSD M2 NVMe Samsung 960 EVO on Windows 10 Pro 64 bits V. 1703 ).

All tests are made on the same PC, 1 user, except for Android ARM tests made on a ARCHOS Oxygen 101b Android tablet w/ ARM CPU: Mediatek MTK 8163A / Quad-Core @1.3 GHz Cortex A53.

Tests database is USA domestic flights database from Jan 1988 till Jun 2017 ( 30 years, more than 172 millions of records ), downloadable at:


Image 1: Loop ( for ... next ) changing origin airport code randomly at each query, measuring elapsed time

Image 2: 3 minutes loop changing origin airport code randomly at each query, measuring number of executed queries

Image 3: SELECT max ( deptime ) .... deptime is an unindexed field

Image 4: SELECT LIKE %xxx%

Image 5: SELECT DISTINCT on origin airport code