The "Fall" Update for Windows 10 causes Active Reports to stop working with VB6. Trying to open a project that uses AR1 (or AR2, possibly other versions) gives an error like:
Class {9EB8768B-CDFA-44DF-8F3E-857A8405E1DB} of control rptSalesList was not a loaded control class.

And trying to add the Active Reports to a project gives "Component not registered".

GrapeCity (the current owners and developers of Active Reports) say on their support Forum that:
1. AR1, AR2 do not work with Windows 10 and effectively are obsolete.
2. The only solution is to upgrade to AR12 which does work with Windows 10.
HOWEVER, AR12 does not work with VB6.

To get AR1 and AR2 to work with VB6 under the latest Windows 10, the solution (found by someone else) is simply to turn OFF compatibility mode for VB6.

To be precise, find the file VB6.exe
on my PC it is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98

Right-Click on it and select Properties > Compatibility. Untick the box.