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Thread: How to Do 2 Steps Verification with Google Authentication in PHP App

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    How to Do 2 Steps Verification with Google Authentication in PHP App

    Hi, I want to add google two-step authentication process which already existing code in CakePHP 3. On user login, I want to add 2 steps verification process. As per your document, I have added the key field on my end table.

    My steps -

    1. First time, the user has the blank field. To generate the key from using plugins of Google authentication.

    2. Store it on my DB. and an open code entry fields with the barcode will be open. And parallel sends SMS with the code.

    3. User enter code which is sent via SMS. Proceed, If valid with DB key as defined on the document. Then enter my site.

    4. But wrong entry redirects for two-step verification page again.

    5. Also, success when DB field expired?

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    Re: How to Do 2 Steps Verification with Google Authentication in PHP App

    Something doesn't seem right with those steps. You don't implement the two-factor authentication... Google does. You make a call to the Google Authentication API, it does the authentication and returns a token back to you. You then use that token in the future to request from Google if it is still good or not. If it is not, then you send the user back through the authentication process. What if they don't have two-factor authentication setup? What if they use the Google Authenticator and not SMS? That should be a black box to you. You shouldn't care. All you should care about is making the call to Google and getting the response back in the form of an authentication token.

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