I can easily use the input box method for taking the PIN. But that is not helping as INPUT method does not support password masking. So here it is:

Public Sub checkCard()
     Public Function Authenticate() As Integer
          If (pinVerification(userPIN)) Then
                Return 1
          end if

end Sub

Public Function pinVerification(ByVal pin As String) As Boolean
Dim message, title, defaultValue As String
        Dim passCode As Object
        ' Set prompt.
        message = "Enter the PIN code"
        ' Set title.
        title = "Authentication"
        defaultValue = ""   ' Set default value.
        ' Display message, title, and default value.
        passCode = InputBox(message, title, defaultValue) ---> This is where I want to make the change
        ' If user has clicked Cancel, set myValue to defaultValue 
        If passCode Like "" Then
            passCode = defaultValue
        End If
        'If passCode Like defaultValue Then
        'MsgBox("Wrong Passcode", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly, "Alert!")
        'End If
        If (String.Compare(passCode, pin) = 0 And isLockeddown = False) Then
            Return True
            Return False
        End If
end sub
so, the function call and returns are the things that i want, but this should be also via a std form for password masking.

any ideas??