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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Listview items comparison

    I have a problem with comparing items in a ListView.

    Edit: Well, more precisely, I am having problems comparing properties held within the items .Tag properties... Or, sort of...

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    As you can see in the image, player A has his city presented in the ListView multiple times. What I would like to achive is that each and one of his cities are compared, and only the city with the highest points will appear in the list. The players with only one city is easier, I just add them to a "keep this" list and deal with them later.

    However, each ListViewItem has a CityObject object attached to its .Tag property which again holds the properties needed for the comparisons (the ListViewItems are not compared directly):

    These properties are used from CityObject:
    • Id (= city id) (as Long)
    • ServerId (as Integer)
    • CreationTimeFromAppAsDate (as Date)
    • GetPointsTotal (as Long)

    * If two or more of his cities have the same score, the CreationTime property should be used (remove all but the newest), else remove cities based on the score.

    So, doing comparisons like this sound "easy", right? But these things are some of the toughest parts for me to wrap my head around regarding programming, and I have spent literarely two nights now trying to get this to work.

    I need an eureka moment; someone please provide me with some advice on how you would perform comparison tasks like this. Need insight on the logical part...
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