Okay, wow.. I truly have no idea what to do... maybe someone can help.

In class we talked about functions, subroutines and encapsulation but my teacher went through the material so quick that most of us were unable to comprehend what he did.

If anyone is kind enough to help me with this HW assignment, then you would be highly appreciated!


"The Focus of this assignment is Functions and Subroutines I want you to create one of each of the following:

On each of these Functions and subroutines you NEED to practice Encapsulation. What I mean be this is that the only way you can communicate between the Functions/Subroutines and the rest of the application is through the passed parameters and returned values. No global values. No access to the form.

The Functions and Subroutines should be in your Module.

1) Create a Function that takes a decimal number and returns a hexadecimal value. Note that you will want to return a string.
2) Create an alternate function to convert a decimal number to a hexadecimal value. However, this function returns True if the input is a valid number, and False if it is not a valid number. The function should take two variables (one being the input number to convert, and the second should be the result if the user submitted a valid number). Thus this is working somewhat like TryParse, which returns either True/False, and passes the result in a parameter.
3) Create a Subroutine that will append a comment to a log file. You need to pass everything into the subroutine to make it work. Think what you need and pass it in.
4) Create a second version of the log Subroutine that allows you to specify whether you want to append to the log file or overwrite the log file.
5) Create a third version of the log file that does what you did in #4, but has an Optional field that is passed in. The purpose of this field is to play a beep when the subroutine is called. The Optional field will be False by default, but the user can enter a True value to have the code beep when it is run.

Create an application that allows you to test each of the Functions and Subroutines you created. I would suggest having 5 separate buttons, each triggering the individual Function or Subroutine. Bring in whatever input you need, and display whatever output is generated. Make sure to document your code."

I normally would not ask for help or even the answers but i have no F-king clue what to do or how to begin.

again, if anyone is willing to help, you will be appreciated!!