Good Morning,

I have been all researching a method in converting a 10 digit decimal number from a rfid card ex: 0002256109
which converts to hex: 226CED I am needing the last four bits (4H) which would be 27885 (226""6CED"") to dump back in as decimal.

The whole reason this is needed is that the rfid software is only accepting 6 digits to provide as access for the user and the card reader is reading the first 10. the only set of numbers on a rfid card that is going to be totally unique is the last 5. ex: 0002256109 034 ""27885""

So I figured there has to be a way to build something in .net that will take the input from the card reader (which is just an emulated keyboard driver anyway) convert to hex and take the last 5 and send that to the program via the keyboard so it would need to run in the background. I may be explaining this in a confusing way but this is what makes sense to me. Let me know if there would be an easier way. Thank you in advance