ok guys i'll try to be as thorough as possible in explaining my problem.

I have a form with a data-set and a datagrid, the data-set contains information from 3 different tables and has relationship in place for those 3 tables, these 3 tables are comprise as follows:
table 1 has the following fields:ProjectID, CustomerID, DateStarted, DateClosed, IsClosed, ClosedBy
Table2 has the following fields: VehicleAssignmentID, ProjectID, VehicleID
table3 has the following fields: TaskAssignmentID,ProjectID, VehicleAssignmentID,TaskID, TeamID, EmployeeID,TaskNotes, IsTaskClose

the goal is to show on one of the data-grids information related to table 2, which leads us to table 4 which has VehicleID along with other vehicle information, so the main idea is: based on table 2 VehicledID show on the data-grid all the information of table 4 while keeping everything in sync.

now why isn't table 4 on the data-set and related as the other 3 tables? well i'm using typed datasets with table adapters and like to keep all the automatically generated CRUD, when i add vehicle table it does not generate all the CRUD commands. only READ or SELECT command is created.

Can anyone share some light on how to approach this. all ideas welcome