I have a form bound to a specific dataset table. I have just added a row to the table. The table is still open, as I have not applied the EndEdit() and Update() functions yet. There are a handful of hidden fields (columns if you will) that are not bound to any controls on the form and I want to input data into those fields using global variables that have already been assigned values.

The code below is what I think is appropriate for inputting the values into the new row, but my question is whether that can be done if the row has not yet been updated? If that is the case, what method should I use for a newly added row?

            CType(frmChangeRequest.tblChangeMasterBindingSource.Current, DataRowView).Item("chrFilePath") = glbstrFilePath
            CType(frmChangeRequest.tblChangeMasterBindingSource.Current, DataRowView).Item("chrBaseObject") = glbstrObject