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    Want a hyperlink control

    This is a quickie because I'm sure this has a very simple answer (yet I cannot see it).

    I want to put a hyperlink onto a Windows form. From hunting, there's this LinkLabel control that one is supposed to use. It's got all sorts of properties one would expect of a hyperlink EXCEPT a property for the actual URL itself!

    Am I supposed to use a different sort of control, or is there some property I'm just not seeing?

    EDIT: To clarify: it's simply a label, or text box, or similar, that displays text for a link that, when clicked, opens a browser window that opens up with the corresponding web page for that link.

    EDIT 2: Was trying to post an example from html using anchor tags with a link text and link URL but VBForums won't allow it.

    EDIT 3: I have spent an hour now trying to find a solution (including quite a bit of time trying to post the question on this forum!) It's so simple in MS Access.

    EDIT 4: I have found a solution, which is to use System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("http://www.example.com") but it looks absurd. Surely there should be a simpler solution?
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