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Thread: Click locations in an image on full screen

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    Click locations in an image on full screen

    I have an image that I need to have specific areas, when clicked, to navigate to a different url.
    Is that possible?
    I remember, a long time ago, we had a project that would click to map locations but the project was canceled so I did not implement anything.
    I have found this tool http://imagemap-generator.dariodomi.de/ that do the work.
    Now my problem is, I need to have the HTML resize, according to every device it is opened and maintain the coordinates.
    So if I open it from a mobile, i need to resize to that phone , if I open it from a PC to resize to that etc.
    How would I go and maintain the coordinates?

    Slow as hell.

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    Re: Click locations in an image on full screen

    You can implement the area tag, then use JavaScript to update the coordinates.

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