Alright so I am a dude who gets all kinds of crazy ideas and then hopes to achieve them only to realize that things are way more difficult then I had hoped for but here I am with a new project idea that seems pretty difficult for me. I hope to break it down and do it in parts. I want to make a program where people can create an account then login, have the program verify the user and then they can access everything else. So I want to just try to start here first. I realize I would need a login form that would also have create account link on it, when clicked it will have text fields for Name, Screen Name, Password etc.. button for account creation.

ok but when the login button is clicked it would need to connect to an SQL database. I am going to connect this with a wordpress website this way they could also login on the website. This would be ideal. ok I will need some help trying to figure this out and get it going I hope to connect with some friendly folks here on this project of mine. I have the basic ideas but really need some help trying to figure some things out.

Since I have no accounts I want to start by creating an account myself. I have a webhosting account that I can setup for this.. I can setup a wordpress site and I hope to interface with it and add the user accounts to the sql database, also being compatible with how wordpress does user accounts.. so the user can login via the desktop software as well as through the wordpress website.