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Thread: Dropping an executable 'PayLoad' ? Is that Virus-like?

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    Dropping an executable 'PayLoad' ? Is that Virus-like?

    I have a largish (client) application that depends on another smaller (server) application.

    The server app allows an AnyCPU or 64bit app to access JET database without oledb. Therefore the client won't be able to access a jet db unless Server is running.

    I could easily deploy both executables to the same program folder on the user's machine. But if they get separated - ie user copies client app without the server app - then client work.

    But I've been experimenting with having the server executable 'inside' the client executable as an Embedded Resource. The server is tiny compared to the client so hardly increases the size of the client application. The server exe is extracted and executed on demand. So, whenever the 64 bit client needs to access a JET database it extracts the server and executes it - if it's not already running.

    Doing that means the client and server apps can never be separated. User executes client and client extracts and executes server on demand. All that works really well.

    But I'm concerned. Talking about applications dropping executables and executing them kind of sounds virus-like. (such as infected application dropping virus PayLoad etc)

    Is my application going to be blocked by some anti-malware system because of that behavior?
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