i am build finger print scanner aplication that already have sample code in vb 6 and database msaccess , field to save finger template is "long text" type
command to save is :
RS2.Open "Select * from TABLE", Conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
RS2.Fields("Finger") = RegTemplate
its work fine

but when i migrate database to mysql and trying use field as "long text" type too when trying save data with same command its says error mysql error multiple....
my sql connection is no problem with my application, only this field have problem
this is my msaccess data display,i dont know why this data type is only shown data in column only when i click the column, if my mouse leave focus fcolumn, its just show first character
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any solution how to save this data type y friend?i believe this is incompatible data field type in mysql