I have a problem that I cant seem to find a solution for. I use Tamir SharpSSH to log into my routers across the network to do general CLI type maintenance. I dont need to do any FTP transfers or anything like that, only connecting remotely over our VPN. This works fine but we just moved another piece of our network equipment to SSH instead of Telnet. Tamir doesnt work for this equipment. I keep getting an "algorithm negotiation fail" error. In my research I found SSH.NET but I can't seem to get it to work like a telnet style terminal where I can look at my equipment, run commands, etc... I can connect using a client without any issues but I can't do anything with it. Any ideas how I can either make Tamir work or implement SSH.NET? I dont see any way to send the data to a buffer, no read, begin read, or anything like that once I am connected.