Hello folks,
I'm not very familiar with MySQL except with for basic queries so please excuse my ignorance.
I'm trying to duplicate some queries that i pulled from a MDB, so i can view the queries but the way it previously worked was 3 queries were made then the 4th query, queried the 3 previous results and displayed the results.
I'm not sure how they worked so I've been trying to replicate them in MySQL

Essentially, I have 4 tables and i would like to get individual columns from them and place them as one table BUT, i need to calculate some stuff before i join them together.
I've spent many hours on google and just cannot wrap my head around it so any help would be greatly appreciated.

My Tables are these
| customer | jobsheet | timesheet | materials |

i would like to display them like this
| job number | job start date | cust name | job description | total hours | total time cost | material cost |

The total hours would be the result of SUM(time_hours) and the total time would be the result of (time_hours * time_BillRate)
but i cannot get my head around running the sub query within the join.

The old queries are this
# UnCompletedJobsQry
SELECT Jobsheet.Job_ID AS Expr1, Jobsheet.Job_StartDate AS Expr2, Customer.Cust_Name AS Expr3, Jobsheet.Job_Description AS Expr4, Jobsheet.Job_JobCompleted AS Expr5
FROM Jobsheet, Customer
WHERE ((([Jobsheet].[Job_JobCompleted])<>Yes));

# JobSupplierCostQry
SELECT SupplierInvoice.Job_ID AS Expr1, Sum(SupplierInvoice.SpInv_Amount) AS SumOfSpInv_Amount
FROM SupplierInvoice
WHERE ((([SupplierInvoice].[SpInv_Date])<=#1/31/2017#))
GROUP BY SupplierInvoice.Job_ID;

# JobTimeCostQry
SELECT Timesheet.Job_ID AS Expr1, Sum(Timesheet.Time_Hours) AS SumOfTime_Hours, Sum(([Time_Hours]*[Time_BillRate])) AS TimeCost
FROM Timesheet
WHERE ((([Timesheet].[Time_Date])<=#1/31/2017#))
GROUP BY Timesheet.Job_ID;

#this is one i need
SELECT UnCompletedJobsQry.Job_ID AS Expr1, UnCompletedJobsQry.Job_StartDate AS Expr2, UnCompletedJobsQry.Cust_Name AS Expr3, UnCompletedJobsQry.Job_Description AS Expr4, JobSupplierCostQry.SumOfSpInv_Amount AS Expr5, JobTimeCostQry.SumOfTime_Hours AS Expr6, JobTimeCostQry.TimeCost AS Expr7

FROM UnCompletedJobsQry, JobSupplierCostQry, JobTimeCostQry;
I have genuinely no idea how to go about "FROM UnCompletedJobsQry, JobSupplierCostQry, JobTimeCostQry;" to my own MySQL query, i think the reason is because these are stored queries whilst mine are not, again I'm having trouble getting to grips with this so i would love some input.
Many Thanks,