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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Problem whith Crystal Report in the client side

    Hi all!
    First forgive me for my English.
    I am from Greece.

    I am developing an application for the company i work!

    I have a computer as server.
    Server is an 64bit platform with windows 7 ultimate
    In the server is installed
    1. Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 V. 12.0.30122
    2. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 V. 11.0.2100.60
    3. SAP Crystal Reports, version for Microsoft Visual Studio V.
    4. SAP Crystal Reports run time engine for .NET Framework (64-bit) V.

    I have too a computer as Client.
    Client is an 32bit platform with windows 10
    In the client is installed
    1. SAP Crystal Reports run time engine for .NET Framework (32-bit) V.

    I am developing my application in Visual Basic

    Inside the Visual Studio environment i have create a Crystal Report for print something.
    That, i want to print need a custom paper W121mmXH157mm. So i a have setup my printer
    (an HP CP1215 Color Jet) from Windows control panel and the printers properties to
    have as paper size the custom size i want!

    The first problem i am facing is that when i click the print button in my crystal report viewer
    i have to adjust the printer properties to print to custom paper, otherwise the crystal print to
    "Letter" paper, and nothing is printed correctly!
    Is any idea how to make this not happened? That mean the crystal report to take the paper size i have
    setup the printer in the Windows control panel!

    Now i was navigated to the folder E:\my documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\Grafeio_Kinisis\Grafeio_Kinisis\bin\Debug
    (the folder with executable files of my application) and copied all the files.
    I am pasted them to the client computer, and i run my application from there.

    I forgot to mention that Server and client computers is under the same Domain, in a local network we use
    in my company, and that the printer is installed at the client as a network printer (had make it
    previously as common in the server side).

    The application is running good, but when i was trying to print the crystal report i am facing the problem
    that the format of my report is totally a different thing, from what i have designed in the visual studio!
    No Font format, No page format , nothing

    Have any one any idea why this is happened?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Problem whith Crystal Report in the client side

    When designing the report in visual studio, click on Crystal Reports > Design > Page setup. Under "Page Options" you can change it from letter to A4 (or whatever paper size you want).
    As for your report displaying differently, what do mean exactly? if your using a custom font make sure its compatible and installed on the machine.

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    Re: Problem whith Crystal Report in the client side

    thanks for the reply!
    I have all ready do this with page setup
    What i mean my report is displaying differently is that
    the font(callibri) size is different (smaller), and the place of
    the text is not where i had design

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