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    how to update only selected data in vb.net

    using the code below i am able to update all rows with status ="not sold"
    what i really want is to update only 3 rows
    Dim s As String
    Dim y As Integer
    y = 3
    s = "not sold"
    Dim query1 As String = "update Barrel_tbl set status=@status where status='" & s & "' "
    Dim cmd4 As New SqlCommand(query1, conn)
    cmd4.Parameters.AddWithValue("@status", "sold")
    my database has sr_no,Bid,Status
    Sr_no Bid Status
    1 B11 not sold
    2 B12 not sold
    3 B13 not sold
    4 B14 not sold
    5 B15 not sold

    my output should be
    Sr_no Bid Status
    1 B11 sold
    2 B12 sold
    3 B13 sold
    4 B14 not sold
    5 B15 not sold

    plz help i am using sql database

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    Re: how to update only selected data in vb.net

    Your WHERE clause controls what records get updated. If you want three specific records updated then specify a condition in your WHERE clause that matches only those records.
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