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Thread: [RESOLVED] Crystal Report File as DataSource

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Crystal Report File as DataSource

    Hello all,
    I'm going to be honest here, I'm not entirely sure the title is correct for what i need to do.
    I'm trying to re-create some MDB Queries to Crystal Reports for VB.NET and everything has been straight forward until now, one of the reports seems to be using 3 other reports as a data source and it creates its report based on those 3.
    I've tried creating a sub-report in CR but I'm unsure if that's what I need to be doing - it doesn't seem to work the same, as i say it looks like i need to create the report using the other reports as the datasource.
    I exported the query to a text file and it looks like this:
    SELECT UnCompletedJobsQry.Job_ID AS Expr1, UnCompletedJobsQry.Job_StartDate AS Expr2, UnCompletedJobsQry.Cust_Name AS Expr3, UnCompletedJobsQry.Job_Description AS Expr4, JobSupplierCostQry.SumOfSpInv_Amount AS Expr5, JobTimeCostQry.SumOfTime_Hours AS Expr6, JobTimeCostQry.TimeCost AS Expr7
    FROM UnCompletedJobsQry, JobSupplierCostQry, JobTimeCostQry;
    My question is, is this possible to do with CR?
    My apologies for my ignorance but I'm fairly new to CR and I'm not entirely sure what i should be searching for.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Crystal Report File as DataSource

    OK, so it would seems I've been slightly confused (huge understatement).
    Turns out I've been looking at queries and thinking they've been reports, so essentially if i create the report in CR the report doesn't report properly because there is information missing, which makes sense... would I be correct in thinking that i would have to pull the data i need, join them and create the report from that?
    Anyone know of a simple way to query the data and join it without typing a MySQL script????

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