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Thread: vb and xampp

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    vb and xampp

    Good day ! how can i saved my date time picker in my database . ( mysql xampp ) .
    and display it to data gridview .

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    Re: vb and xampp

    1) you posted in the codebank which is for sharing code, not asking for help. I've asked hte mods to move it.
    2) You'll probably want the .NET MySQL Connector installed
    3) Check out the database section of the forums... there's a FAQ & tutorials area that has a large number of threads and helpful tutorials to get you started.
    4) Also try homeanslearn.co.uk which has a pretty good selection of tutorials and walk trhoughs as well.

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    Re: vb and xampp

    Thread moved from CodeBank, which is for finished snippets rather than questions.
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