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Thread: c++ functional programming

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    c++ functional programming

    Has any guru done anything with functional programming in c++ and willing to share their experiences - in particular immutable functions, when used and why useful? I'm looking into c++ functional programming and whilst I 'get' first-class functions and pure functions, I'm struggling with why immutable?

    Any discussion would be welcomed.
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    Re: c++ functional programming

    While I haven't done any immutable functions in C++, I would assume the when and why of them being useful would be the same reasons as immutable functions or objects in any other language, the primary one in my mind is the thread safe nature of the function which allows for concurrency, i.e. parallel execution of the function.

    A primary reason for strings being immutable for instance, is that since the string can't be modified you can short-circuit the test for equivalency if the reference to the string is the same, which can save considerable time.

    As for other reasons, probably do a search on "why immutable" and see what you find, like this Java based 6 Benefits of Programming with Immutable Objects in Java article. Also, just looking up Immutable object in Wikipedia gives some reasons for immutability as well.

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