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Thread: Can't find my table in the data repot

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    Can't find my table in the data repot

    Hello friends
    I have a problem with visual basic 6.When I look for my table name in object name I can not find it (see this https://ufile.io/5c4wb )
    I'm sure I've create tables in the User System in Oracle database.
    can you help me....

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    Re: Can't find my table in the data repot

    Why are you creating tables under the SYSTEM account?

    This is a built-in Oracle account that manages all sorts of stuff internal to the database.
    Mess with it at your peril.

    Create your own schema to hold your own tables.

    Then create Role[s] to manage privileges on the tables (and other things) that you create within that schema.

    create user app_schema_1 identified by 'nice_strong_password' ; 
    create table app_schema_1.table1 
    ( dat date ) ; 
    create role app_schema_1_app_role ; 
    grant select, insert, update, delete on app_schema_1.table1 to app_schema_1_app_role ; 
    create role app_schema_1_dev_role ; 
    grant select on app_schema_1.table1 to app_schema_1_dev_role ;
    Regards, Phill W.

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    Re: Can't find my table in the data repot

    Say monzerahmed6.

    There's an easy to use "insert picture" on these posts. It's the following button on your post toolbar:

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    The way you've done it, I click your link and it takes me through all kinds of "slow download or please sign up" options, and I think to myself "nope, not gonna do any of this."

    Take Care,
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    Re: Can't find my table in the data repot


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