I created an open source non-ActiveX C++-based DLL (no MFC) that sort of wraps the ExecuteStatement, AddCode, and Eval methods of Microsoft Script Control.

When playing around with the Script Control to execute and evaluate VBScript and JScript, I noticed something pretty cool. Using wscript.exe or cscript.exe does not allow using custom ActiveX controls, ActiveX DLL's, or ActiveX EXE's you create in various software such as Delphi, C++/MFC, and Visual Basic.

When executing VBScript and JScript the usual way, not using the Script Control, you can only use the CreateObject VBScript method and ActiveXObject JScript function to create ActiveX content that is shipped with your Windows OS, usually something in your System32/SysWOW64 folders.

But, with Microsoft Script Control, you can use literally any ActiveX content you like! If it has a ProgID, you are garunteed to be able to use it in some shape or form, but with some limitations.

I was thinking about posting a tutorial on here describing how to do this, including how to embed ActiveX controls using my DLL to call the necessary VBScript and/or JScript, from a wide variety of languages, including C++ (MFC), C++ (no-MFC), VB5/VB6, VB.NET, and even game engines such as GameMaker 8.1, the ENIGMA development environment, GameMaker Studio 1.4, GameMaker Studio 2, BlitzMax, and possibly even Unity.

Is this something I should do? Or would it be a total waste of time and no one would find it interesting?