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Thread: Help - Disable Nagle Algorithm in VB6

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    Help - Disable Nagle Algorithm in VB6

    I've read tons about whether or not to do it, but I can't find any documentation for VB6 or example code of someone who has actually done it. I've spent hours searching for the code. Now I'm convinced it can't be done in VB6, or at least I haven't found the right code. Here's what I've tried and the result.

    sockMain.NoDelay = True
    *Error: Throws an error that method or data member is not found and it highlights NoDelay.

    setsockopt sockMain.SocketHandle, SOL_SOCKET, TCP_NODELAY, OptVal, Len(OptVal)
    *OptVal is set to 1
    **Error: Variable not defined and highlights SOL_SOCKET

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Help - Disable Nagle Algorithm in VB6

    Private Const SOL_SOCKET As Long = &HFFFF&
    Private Const TCP_NODELAY As Long = &H1
    Private Declare Function getsockopt Lib "ws2_32" ( _
        ByVal s As Long, _
        ByVal level As Long, _
        ByVal optname As Long, _
        ByRef optval As Any, _
        ByRef optlen As Long _
        ) As Long
        Dim TcpNoDelay As Long 'WIN32 BOOL
        getsockopt sockMain.SocketHandle, SOL_SOCKET, TCP_NODELAY, TcpNoDelay, LenB(TcpNoDelay)
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