I have VB6 MDI project with multiple forms. With one of them on some user workstations (not all) I have this problem:
When the form is displayed and another forms is loaded as modal on top of the first form and then the user closes it by clicking on the close button the first form hides either most of the controls or at least hides borders of Text Boxes and Rich Text Boxes. On different workstation the result of control visibilities is different.
My development machine is the least affected, so I cannot give the worst screen shot.
This is the screen with good control visibilities (pay attention on the marked with red areas):Name:  01_Good.jpg
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This is the "bad" screen (pay attention on the border and scroll bar of the Rich Text Box. They are invisible.
Name:  02_Bad.jpg
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I tried InvalidateRect API, did not help.
Any suggestion please.