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Thread: ToolStripDropDown - hosted control doesn't fire MouseMove event

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    Angry ToolStripDropDown - hosted control doesn't fire MouseMove event


    I've implemented custom dropdown for my comboboxes, with embedded Datagridview. When dropdown is opened my DataGridView's MouseMove event is not working - It should move up/down to row records, simmilar to Combobox dropdown when you hover over Items.... But when I click DataGridView It's MouseMove event starts working, although focus works when dropdown is opened (I can scroll up/down in DataGridView). Here is my code:

     protected override void OnDropDown(EventArgs e)
                this.DroppedDown = false;
                if (!My_dropdown.Visible)
                       My_dropdown.Show(this, 0, this.Height);
                        ToolstripCtlHost.Control.Location = new Point(0, 0);
    What could possibly go wrong here ?? Any help kindly appreciated !!

    P.S.: Strangely all works fine when I'm filtering Datagridview from Combobox input textbox (I've set that also), but not when I open custom dropdown from OnDropDown event
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