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Thread: VB Change Web Proxy

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    VB Change Web Proxy

    So I'm trying to make a program that trys loads of passwords to one user although there's Capatcha.
    How would I get around that I heard I could use Proxys although I've checked around google and I cant find a way you can change proxy within a timer so once the timer has tried a password 3 times and capatcha comes up it can just change proxy which it gets from ListviewBox.

    Could someone please help? Thanks!

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    Re: VB Change Web Proxy

    That all sounds rather malicious, and not appropriate behaviour for this site.

    I am therefore closing this thread.

    If you think that what you are doing is actually a legitimate thing to be doing, PM me or another moderator to explain why, and if we agree we will re-open the thread.

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