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    Get Value from Table Prior to Insert

    I am using MySQL and have a table with the following fields:
    • user_id
    • business_id
    • access_id
    • email
    • password
    • first_name
    • last_name
    • title
    • signature
    • is_active

    I also have another table with the following fields:
    • business_id
    • request_id
    • subject
    • send_date
    • body
    • customer_type_id

    I need to insert a row in the second table, but the information that I have is the request_id, subject, send_date, body, customer_type_id, and user_id (references table1). How can I get the business_id from the first table using the user_id value prior the insert command without having to run two separate queries.

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    Re: Get Value from Table Prior to Insert

    You can use a Select statement (with explicit values where desired) instead of a Values clause for an Insert, eg:
    INSERT INTO SecondTable (business_id, request_id, subject,  send_date,  body,  customer_type_id)
    SELECT business_id, 37, 'hello', ...
    FROM FirstTable
    WHERE ....
    (rather than hard-coded values, you can use parameters)

    One thing to watch out for is that if the Select returns more than one row, you will insert multiple into the second table.

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    Re: Get Value from Table Prior to Insert

    The user_id field is the auto-incrementing unique field for the first table, so there shouldn't be any duplicates. But thank you so much, I appreciate the solution!

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    Re: Get Value from Table Prior to Insert


    not sure if I understand what you need.

    here a Insert into 3 Tables
    Private Sub Command2_Click()
       Dim sSQL As String
       Dim CT_ID As Long 'AutoID in table tbl_Contact
       Dim AD_ID As Long 'AutoID in table tbl_Adresse
          On Error GoTo Fehler
          sSQL = "Insert Into tbl_Contact (CT_City) Values ('Frankfurt')"
          Cn.Execute sSQL
          CT_ID = GetNewID(Cn)
          sSQL = "Insert Into tbl_Adresse (AD_Adresse) Values ('Frankstrasse')"
          Cn.Execute sSQL
          AD_ID = GetNewID(Cn)
          sSQL = "Insert Into tbl_Person (PE_Name, PE_CT_ID, PE_AD_ID) " & _
                 "Values ('Chris', " & CT_ID & ", " & AD_ID & ")"
          Cn.Execute sSQL
          Exit Sub
    End Sub
    'Get ID from new Record
    'from Access version 2000 and up
    Public Function GetNewID(Cn As ADODB.Connection) As Long
       Dim Rs As ADODB.Recordset
       Dim NewID As Long
          Set Rs = New ADODB.Recordset
          Rs.Open "Select @@Identity As ID", Cn, , , adCmdText
          NewID = Rs.Fields("ID").Value
          Set Rs = Nothing
          GetNewID = NewID
    End Function
    or with ADOX to get the next Autoincrement No. from the Table

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