I have a small app written in VB that I need to adapt so that when a Picture Box is manually updated with a drag and drop, another one next to it has its image automatically updated.

There are two columns with ten PB's in each column. The left column has boxes named left_01, etc., etc., and the right column has boxes named right_01, etc., etc. (names simplified for the purpose of this post).

I've tried extracting the name of the box on the right which has the drag and drop event and then extracting the last two characters, e.g. "05", and then appending that to "left_" to make a complete string of "left_05", which then gets stored in a variable called Result (I have verified that the variable contains the expected contents by displaying it in the console).

I then attempt to update the image in PB left_05 automatically with the line:

Result.Image = My.Resources.test

This produces an error of 'Image is not a member of 'String' when I check the line of code which is underlined in red, so I'm obviously going in the wrong direction. I've searched around but can't find any info on how to get this done.

Thanks for any help.