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Thread: Trying to declare Same name classes

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    Trying to declare Same name classes

    I'm trying to declare classes with the same name. What I have found so far is to use a namespace and put the classes inside.
    The problems I'm facing are
    1)I do not want the esoteric class to be available but I cannot declare it as Private
    2)I want to be able if possible to also name the namespace with the same class name

      Public Class ValidateMember
            Inherits ValidateMemberC.ValidateMember
        End Class
        Namespace ValidateMemberC ''If possible the name to be ValidateMember
            Public Class ValidateMember ' I want this to be Private or non visible
                Public Property UserSessionId As String
                Public Property MemberPassword As String          
            End Class
        End Namespace
    Dim lv1 As New ValidateMemberC.ValidateMember ' I would like this to be like Dim lv1 As New ValidateMember.ValidateMember
    Dim v As New ValidateMember  ' I do not want this to show
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