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Thread: How do i write to a online dropbox file

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    Lightbulb How do i write to a online dropbox file

    I need help with my program im making a registration program for hwids. So on button click i want it to write from the textbox which shows your hwid to a online dropbox file which is "hwid.txt". I already know how to get the hwid i just need help with writing to the online dropbox text file. Help please

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    Re: How do i write to a online dropbox file

    Your post hurts my eyes. There's no good reason to choose that text colour.

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    Re: How do i write to a online dropbox file

    Well, you have two choices.

    If you have Dropbox installed, its job is to sync the file. So you just write to the file on your machine like any other file.

    If you don't have it installed, you have to use the Dropbox API. That involves making several web requests to authenticate, then post the file. The easiest way would be to use the Dropbox API NuGet package that Dropbox maintains. I don't know much about using it, but they have extensive documentation.
    This answer is wrong. You should be using TableAdapter and Dictionaries instead.

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