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Thread: The future of VBScript?

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    The future of VBScript?

    I read a topic here on the future of VB6, well I have a question on the future of VBScript, since it is very similar to VB6 but much less powerful. Anyway, I heard Microsoft is looking to ditch VBScript. I know they are already technically doing that with Internet Explorer's support for it, but what about in native applications using msscript.ocx or Windows Script Host? Is Microsoft threatening to be doing away with that in the near future as well?

    I am selling an extension for a game engine that enables you to run VBScript and JScript via msscript.ocx, and I was tempted to use the extension for a commercial indie game of mine. Is this worth pursuing, relative to the future of VBScript?
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    Re: The future of VBScript?

    You may notice - e.g. here ( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...leshooting-x86 ), that on ARM you either do not have 64-bit support.
    You may also notice that in MSI there is a custom action to run a VBScript - see here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/lib...(v=vs.85).aspx.
    So basically - ditching VBScript means to break either MSI.
    And in relation to PowerShell which does the heavy lifting of the .net runtime, VBScript has the much better performance.
    I do A LOT (really a lot - also in the meaning of heavy loading processors) in VBScript and believe me - the bottlenecks are XML processing, network and database actions - not VBScript.
    You did not mention from where you got the information of VBS being dead, maybe because of this here: https://www.neowin.net/news/todays-w...rer-by-default which only says that VBS will be disabled directly in browser which is good and a security issue as I am pretty sure that JavaScript has a much better sandboxing than VBS (if it has any used within IE). And remember that JScript is not JavaScript! I am sure that JavaScript interpreter in IE is (in the meantime) not the same as the one for JScript (however, not sure). IE should be ditched totally anyway.

    I would either think that PowerShell will also not last forever - the next big thing at Microsoft is TypeScript, but I already invested a lot of time into windows stuff that then was lost, so I only invest now into new stuff if it runs anywhere.

    While it is maybe the better long-term investment to do new stuff in JavaScript (if you need/want to use a dynamic language) with Rhino (a Javascript engine) or node.js for instance (if your stuff is not running within the browser), VBS is still a good choice if you only want to get the job done. BTW: I do not think that there is an ActiveX interface/exit from JavaScript to COM components (correct me if I am wrong), so this might be a show stopper for using JavaScript.

    HTH, Martin.
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    Re: The future of VBScript?

    Let me add something here at this discussion, I use VBScript so much to manager the Windows Op System is so cool and easy I ran a Query and I have the results, and change it if i need it. I think Microsoft needs to updates VBScript and add more functions like: "Try... .. cath" for example...

    What you think about it?

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