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Thread: [RESOLVED] what happened to my app (what is meaning of this page"picture")?

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] what happened to my app (what is meaning of this page"picture")?

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    Re: what happened to my app (what is meaning of this page"picture")?

    If you're going to post a screenshot then please make sure that it is only the relevant part of the screen. We don't need to see your Taskbar and we don't need to see any part of the VS window other than the error message(s). As you can see, the forum resizes the image and now, because it has had to squeeze in all that irrelevant stuff, we can't actually read the relevant part.

    Also, if all that the screenshot actually contains is text then don't post a screenshot at all. A picture is not worth a thousand words when all it contains is words. If all we need to see is text then just post the text and accompany it with an explanation of how it came to be relevant. As far as I can tell, you tried to open a form in the designer. We shouldn't have to spend our time working that out when you can tell us.

    By zooming in my browser, I can make out some of that text. At a guess, I'd say that your designer code file has become corrupt. This happens from time to time and is due to bugs in VS but such bugs are incredibly hard to reproduce and thus incredibly hard to fix. You may have to edit your designer code file by hand. That comes with the possibility of breaking it further, so backup your whole solution folder first. If you click the Show All Files button in the Solution Explorer and then expand your form's node, you'll see the designer code file and you can open it with a double-click. The code editor will underline compilation errors the same as always, so you can then look at each one and try to address it as you would any other such issue. We can help if we have the specific details, i.e. the full error message and the relevant code.

    If that doesn't work, there are some other things you can try but it's possible that you may just have to recreate the form.

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