I am trying to load a game from url in my form1.vb using just shockwave flash object (I mean I dont want to use webbrowser net component at all cause I dont want to make a browser, I just want to play it like I would in standalone flash player). I have the following url which lets me log directly in the game skipping the login pages which works.. if I am using it in any browser:
"http://mysite.com/22/client/bin-release/Loader.html?v=4235&client_language=en&token=username=23123123&server_id=22&fcm=1&time=1314938247&sig n=2f562968bc3a496ffb6d3066784a2300"
Its possible to load it just with shockwave flash object or I am wrong? cause it seems to me it doesnt parse the query string or idk.. any ideeas ?