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Thread: Code for zip a file

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    Code for zip a file

    I want to learn zip file from the link below but got an error said that "ZipArchive is not defined"
    How to fix it?
    (I used vs2015, win7, framework 4.5)


    Imports System.IO
    Imports System.IO.Compression

    Module Module1

    Sub Main()
    Dim zipPath As String = "c:\example\start.zip"
    Dim extractPath As String = "c:\example\extract"

    Using archive As ZipArchive = ZipFile.OpenRead(zipPath)
    For Each entry As ZipArchiveEntry In archive.Entries
    If entry.FullName.EndsWith(".txt", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) Then
    entry.ExtractToFile(Path.Combine(extractPath, entry.FullName))
    End If
    End Using
    End Sub

    End Module

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    Re: Code for zip a file

    It's of no use importing the namespace that a type is a member of if you haven't referenced the assembly it's declared in. Have you done that? The MSDN documentation for every .NET type tells you what assembly it's declared in and what namespace it's a member of. You should read the documentation for the ZipArchive class.

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    Re: Code for zip a file

    Wait.....did MS buy DotNetZip? That API looks a lot like DotNetZip's API.
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    Re: Code for zip a file

    What I do is have 7zip installed (it's free) then simply call it in .Net passing it the parameters on the commandline.
    7zip supports a variety of zip formats, including standard zip and gzip.

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