I am developing a .NET WinForm application that once per minute updates an Excel workbook with new values. My intent is to use the Excel workbook as an element on the UI to view data. I convert the .xlsx file to .mht. I navigate to the .mht file using WebBrowser1.Navigate(filename.mht).

This works the first time that the workbook is displayed, but subsequent calls to the .Navigate() function do not display anything more recent than the first .mht file.

I have tried several suggestions from Internet searches to no avail.

While WebBrowser1.IsBusy
End While

does not work.

Dim doc As HtmlDocument = WebBrowser1.Document
If Not IsNothing(WebBrowser1.Document) Then
End If

does not work.

Creating a new WebBrowser control each time I attempt to display the file does not work.

Oddly, after I close the WinForm application and restart it, the latest .mht file is displayed.

I would prefer to use this approach rather than use a DataGridView so that the user can easily customize the view, but so far I am batting zero on WebBrowser.

I am not stuck on WebBrowser, but I would choose to implement a DataGridView rather than spend $1,000+ for a web control.

I can provide more details if needed, but I would think that MANY developers have encountered and slayed this dragon.

Many thanks for any help,
Hamilton Woods