hi i have a question when i add items to my listview it flickers i have the double buffer set to true in the load event of the form i tried the beginupdate
endupdate but no success still flickers any ideas ?

   Public Function ProcessJunkFiles(ByVal L As ListView, ByVal Path As String)
            Dim imageList As New ImageList
            Dim ListIcon As String = ("C:\Micro Cleaner\AppIcons\Shield.png")

            If DirExists(ListIcon) Then
                L.SmallImageList = imageList
            End If

            Dim list As List(Of String) = ScanjunkFiles(Path)
            ' Loop through and display each path.
            For Each Item As String In list
                If Not IsSpecialFolder(Item) And Not IsFileInUse(Item) Then

                    Dim arr As String() = New String(4) {}
                    Dim itm As ListViewItem

                    'Cancel Scan
                    If CancelScan = True Then
                        Form1.ToolStripStatusLabel1.Text = UpdateStatusBar("StopStatus")
                        Form1.ToolStripStatusLabel2.Text = UpdateStatusBar("ClearStatus")
                        Exit Function
                    End If
                    'add items to ListView
                    arr(0) = AbsoluteFilePath(Item)
                    arr(1) = FormatBytes(Item)
                    arr(2) = FilePathExt(Item)
                    arr(3) = Item
                    itm = New ListViewItem(arr, 0)

                    L.Items(L.CheckedItems.Count).Checked = True
                End If
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End Function