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Thread: Unhandled Exception on Console App

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    Unhandled Exception on Console App


    I am using VS 2017, and have set the Framework to 4.51. I have a console application (exe file) that runs great on my system with VS installed, but get this error on other systems. I have tried to turn off Just In Time debugging (this was the initial error which seems to have gone away), but am still getting the error shown in the attachment.

    The only references are for SolidWorks, which is installed on all systems we are trying to run this on. To my knowledge, I do not need to create an installation deployment on console apps, but perhaps this is wrong.

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    Option Strict Off
    Imports System
    Imports System.Diagnostics
    Imports System.Collections
    Imports System.Configuration
    Imports System.Data
    Imports System.Data.SqlClient
    Imports System.Drawing
    Imports System.IO
    Imports System.Math
    Imports System.Text
    Imports SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks
    Imports SolidWorks.Interop.swcommands
    Imports SolidWorks.Interop.swconst
    Module Module1
        Public _Cacheddirectory As String = "C:\"
        Public SWAPP As New SldWorks
        Public SWMODEL As ModelDoc2 = SWAPP.ActiveDoc
        Sub Main()
            ' Get all Weldment Profiles from model
            Dim swPart As ModelDoc2 = SWMODEL
            Dim swFeat As Feature = swPart.FirstFeature
            Dim swFeatData As StructuralMemberFeatureData
            Dim sProfilePath As String = "C:\Sackett-Waconia\Master Documents\SOLIDWORKS TEMPLATES\weldment profiles\_WMI Profiles_"
            Dim cfgName As String
            Dim bAutoUpdate As Boolean
            Dim swCutList As BodyFolder
            Dim al_featnames As New ArrayList
            Dim al_featdescs As New ArrayList
            Do While Not swFeat Is Nothing
                If swFeat.GetTypeName = "SolidBodyFolder" Then
                    swCutList = swFeat.GetSpecificFeature2
                    ' Get automatic update setting
                    bAutoUpdate = swCutList.GetAutomaticUpdate
                    ' Disable automatic update for cutlist
                End If
                If swFeat.GetTypeName = "WeldMemberFeat" Then
                    ' Read Info
                    ' Update Profile
                    Dim sFullProfilePath As String = GetProfile(swFeat, sProfilePath)
                    swFeatData = swFeat.GetDefinition
                    cfgName = swFeatData.ConfigurationName
                    swFeatData.AccessSelections(swPart, Nothing)
                    swFeatData.WeldmentProfilePath = sFullProfilePath
                    ' Write Info back
                    swFeatData.ConfigurationName = cfgName
                    ' If feature is not updated
                    If Not swFeat.ModifyDefinition(swFeatData, swPart, Nothing) Then
                        Debug.WriteLine("Unable to update feature " & swFeat.Name)
                    End If
                End If
                swFeat = swFeat.GetNextFeature
            swFeat = swPart.FirstFeature
            Dim c As Integer = 0
            Do While Not swFeat Is Nothing
                If swFeat.GetTypeName = "WeldMemberFeat" Then
                    ' Write Feature Names and Descriptions back
                    swFeat.Name = al_featnames(c)
                    swFeat.Description = al_featdescs(c)
                    c = c + 1
                End If
                swFeat = swFeat.GetNextFeature
        End Sub
        Private Function GetProfile(feat As Feature, profilePath As String) As String
            Dim Files As String() = Directory.GetFiles(profilePath)
            Dim fileName As String
            Dim weldmentProfile As String
            For Each fileName In Files
                Dim fileName2 = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fileName)
                If Microsoft.VisualBasic.InStr(feat.Name.ToLower, fileName2.ToLower) <> 0 Then
                    weldmentProfile = fileName
                    Exit For
                End If
            Return weldmentProfile
        End Function
    End Module
    Thanks in advance for information!

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    Re: Unhandled Exception on Console App

    I think the COM object is throwing an error at this line:-
    swFeatData.WeldmentProfilePath = sFullProfilePath
    Perhaps the COM object tries to do something with the file when you set that property. Under that assumption, you should check to see if the file exists or if it is locked for some reason.
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