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Thread: The correct way to publish project without virus warnings.

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    The correct way to publish project without virus warnings.

    So i have my form all working as it should and i can turn it into an exe for others to use but how do i stop everything thinking its a virus, Gmail will completely block it and even if installing off a drive it says it might be a virus. Whats the best way to get this approved as not being a virus ?

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    Re: The correct way to publish project without virus warnings.

    There are many things that can cause an application to be detected as potential malware, and several things you can do to reduce the chances of that happening.

    One thing you can do is to make an installer package. What options you have built-in to Visual Studio depend on your version and edition (I think you should have ClickOnce at least), but there are also others you can get for free.

    Something simple you can do is change the name of the application, which sometimes makes a difference.

    Another thing you can do is use a digital signature, but if you don't already have one then bear in mind it costs money (I think about $100). You can use it for lots of applications, but it is expensive if you only intend to use it for a single program to share with a few friends.

    After that it is best to work out what things your program does that might be considered malicious (like trying to write files in protected areas, or send automatic emails, etc). A good thing to do is use VirusTotal (or similar) to check your application against lots of virus scanners, and see what information you can get from there.

    Also note that GMail may well be simply saying "we can't guarantee this is safe", which is very different to saying it is malicious. Some of the steps above are likely to help to some degree, but don't guarantee the warning will disappear completely.

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