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Thread: Online / Offline Status Notice Board

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    Online / Offline Status Notice Board


    (I assume that this has been created already!)

    I'm looking to create a program (style) application which continually checks for an online/offline status of a device (could be local or public) and to display a visual colour of green to show that the connection is alive & the time that it was last checked..

    Not asking for someone to create this for me, just some help in the right direction?

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    Re: Online / Offline Status Notice Board

    Try to ping an IP address or an URL

    If My.Computer.Network.Ping("") Then
            MsgBox("Connection ok")
            MsgBox("No Connection")
        End If
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    Re: Online / Offline Status Notice Board

    The hard part is "determining if the device is online/offline".

    If you're lucky, it has some API-like way to query its status. If that's true, this project is as trivial as using that.

    If you're not lucky, it doesn't. Then you have to figure out some way your program can do something that tells you if the thing is on or off. Goggy showed some code that can work, IF the device responds to ICMP pings. That's not guaranteed, and many devices don't. And you have to worry about all the usual suspects in terms of networking such as firewalls, outages, etc.
    This answer is wrong. You should be using TableAdapter and Dictionaries instead.

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