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    DatagridView - Currentrow Selection Error

    Hello friends and happy new year! This is my first post in this forum! I am confused about an error in my vb.net application. I have a datagridview which is databound on a bindingsource. I have datadrigview SelectionMode to FullRowSelect. When the form is loaded I have:
    Me.BuildingsTableAdapter.Fill(Me.PolwarehouseDataSet.buildings) ' buildings
    Me.PeriodsTableAdapter.Fill(Me.PolwarehouseDataSet.periods) ' periods
    Me.PhasesTableAdapter.Fill(Me.PolwarehouseDataSet.phases) ' phases
    I can see all the data (2 rows). The problem appears when I press the second row. I have the below message:
    Name:  error.png
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    After I pressed OK I can move to any of the rows. Sometimes I lose the cell values on the Period Field on datagridview, no the database. I understand that when I select other rows, something goes wrong and delete the value in my not null field and I have the error. But I cannot understand why it removed from the datagrid. I follow this https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/lib...v=vs.110).aspx from Microsoft and I get the error: Error happened commit, commit error.

    EDIT. I found something interesting. Below the datagridview I have the same fields in details mode. There I have 2 comboboxes which are databound to lookup tables.
    When form loaded I clear selection datagridview and set the comboboxes selected index to -1. Then I have the error. But If I do not set selectionindex to -1. I have not any error, but when I select other row, datagridview change values to those 2 fields with the selectedindex=0. I continue to see this in datagridview and no in database until I press the save button. So this is a very critical error.

    The same issue happened when I sort datagridview, via pressing any column name.

    Here is the datagrid:
    Name:  error2.jpg
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    Thanks in advance!
    Sorry for my level of English!
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