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    Combobox detntro of a datagridview in vb.net 2015

    Thanks in advance

    I have a query that generates 2 columns as a result. The first one is of type String and the other integer, I can load the two columns in the datagridview but what I want is for the second column to load in a comboBox. I have no idea how to do it, thanks in advance

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    Re: Combobox detntro of a datagridview in vb.net 2015

    Are you loading a DataTable with your query? If so, then set the combobox datasource to the DataTable and set the displaymember to the DataTable field name. For more information Google "visual basic fill combobox with datatable"

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    Re: Combobox detntro of a datagridview in vb.net 2015

    Do you mean you want a column of ComboBox controls in the grid? If so then follow the CodeBank link in my signature below and check out my thread on Adding A ComboBox Column To A DataGridView or similar.
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