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Thread: Getting sum of database

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    Getting sum of database

    I am trying to write a program that will be able to sum up a total from a database file and am stuck. I've tried a few different ideas and nothing has worked so far. This is what I currently have

    Dim SumQuery = From popualtion In PopulationDBDataSet.City
                           Aggregate population In PopulationDBDataSet.City
                               Into Sum(population)
    I keep getting the error "method sum is not accessible in this context". Has anyone else had this happen to them or have any suggestions?

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    Re: Getting sum of database

    I am assuming you want to sum the populations of all cities. I don't know how your classes are defined out so I mocked up an example of a similar problem. Maybe you can use it to help you:-
    vbnet Code:
    1. '
    2. Public Class Form1
    4.     Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    6.         Dim cities As New List(Of City)
    8.         cities.Add(New City("New York", 9092))
    9.         cities.Add(New City("POS", 3443))
    10.         cities.Add(New City("Kio", 9011))
    11.         cities.Add(New City("Loinitte", 4033))
    13.         'Sum the populations of all cities
    14.         Dim sumOfPop As Integer = Aggregate city In cities Into Sum(city.Population)
    18.     End Sub
    19. End Class
    22. Public Class City
    24.     Public Sub New(ByVal cityName As String, ByVal pop As Integer)
    25.         Me.CityName = cityName
    26.         Me.Population = pop
    27.     End Sub
    29.     Public Sub New()
    31.     End Sub
    33.     Public Property CityName As String
    34.     Public Property Population As Integer
    36. End Class
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    Re: Getting sum of database

    I'm not seeing a reason that it wouldn't just be like this: Code:
    1. Dim SumQuery = PopulationDBDataSet.City.AsEnumerable().Sum(Function(c) c.Population)
    If this is a typed DataSet - which it appears to be - then I don't think that the AsEnumerable is required.

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