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Thread: Need help with File Explorer performance issues

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    Need help with File Explorer performance issues

    I have a number of problems with File Explorer on my new laptop (Zenbook running Windows 10; 64 bit):

    1. Sometimes when File Explorer is already open and I navigate to a new folder, the address bar (which is normally white) acts as a progress bar (it becomes green on the left and the green part gradually progresses to the right end of the address bar, and once finished, the whole address bar turns white again. So far, I guess, that is normal as I see this phenomenon in other computers too, for example in my desktop computer. But in my laptop, this progress bar usually takes much more time to complete. It is slower than normal.

    2. When "View" is set to "Large icons", it is supposed to show the thumbnails of all songs and movies, but very often, it shows the thumbnails of just SOME of the movies (not all of them). For other movies and video files it shows the standard icon for mp4 (or other) video file types.
    When this happens, I press Alt+UpArrow to go to the parent folder, then press Enter to come back to the subfolder. Then it shows the thumbnails of ALL movies.
    This problem happens quite a lot with my new laptop, but I have never had this problem with my desktop computer.

    3. If a folder has for example 56 files, on the bottom left it says 56 items. Then I press Alt+UpArrow to go to the parent folder, (which has for example 12 subfolders), it STILL continues to show 56 items on the bottom left of File Explorer for 5 to 6 seconds, and only after 5 to 6 seconds it shows "12 items". In other words, it updates that piece of info with a delay of 5 to 6 seconds (which is unacceptably too high)

    4. In the recycle bin, when I click on "Empty Recycle bin" it always empties the recycle bin properly, but sometimes FALSELY shows some files left in there. It is a FALSE show. If I close the recycle bin and re-open it, it correctly shows that the recycle bin is empty.

    I really don't understand why the new laptop has these problems. The entire hard disk is Solid-State and its size is 256 GB. Thogh I usually attach several external hard disks to it as well, and those external hard disks, I guess, are not solid state.
    I don't have any third party anti virus or any heavy process running. It only runs Windows Defender.
    And no unnecessary process in the startup.
    I ran sfc /scannot (while external hard disks were attached) and it found no errors.
    Also Windows Search Service is running and is set to Automatic (Delayed start).

    So, why do these problems happen?
    And how can I fix them?

    Please advise.

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    Re: Need help with File Explorer performance issues

    Seek out the file called IconCache.db located in Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local and delete it.

    It will get recreated and should help overall performance in File Explorer.
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