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    php to VB6

    I want to open with this comment: "I am NOT looking for "tints" and "shades." I am looking for hues directly related to a "genesis hue." Where "tints" and "shades" can be applied to any hue (pure or not), the genesis-hue-line can only be tied to one (and only one) "pure (geniuses) hue."

    I know any RGB hue that has a lightness of 50% is a "Pure Hue." I also know that the three primaries and three secondary’s are "Pure Hues." My question is "How many other RGB hues have a Lightness of 50%?" So, I set out to find the answer. Since a "Pure Hue" must equal exactly 50%, rounding, dropping, and flooring the decimal will not provide the results required to identify its actual purity. So, I used the "whole mixed number" to locate the hues with a value equal to exactly 50%. I found 98,304. Here is my dilemma:

    If there are 98,304 "pure hues" in the population 16,777,216 RGB hues, then how many "non-pure hues" dose each "pure hue" generate? I've been working on this project since September, 2007 and finally found a tool (in January, 2015) that will generate "Hue Families." I've used this web-based tool for three years; and, thus far it had performed flawlessly. Basically, the user enters an RGB-triplet; and, it spits out a list of all the RGB-triplets related to it (its family). But there is one enormous problem.

    It's written in php; and, beyond my comprehension. Heck, I've used VB v6.0 for years and still classify myself as a novice. At any rate, I'd like to have a knowledgeable developer look at it and provide me with an "understandable" algorithm I can use to port into VB6. The web-based app is located as: https://andylangton.co.uk/tools/colour-converter. It’s located halfway down the page; and, titled: “[Get RGB Family] Please type in an RGB colour:” The php code is attached in txt format.
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