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Thread: Desktop gadgets

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    Desktop gadgets

    Hi Guys
    How can i show and hide the Gadgets win7
    in vb.net

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    Re: Desktop gadgets

    What are gadgets?
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    Re: Desktop gadgets

    Quote Originally Posted by Niya View Post
    What are gadgets?
    As I recall, they are applets that are pinned to the desktop, much like widgets on an Android device. It's been a while but I thought that they'd died before Windows 7 but I guess not.

    How do you hide and show them through Windows? That might provide a clue. If there's a hotkey then you may be able to use SendKeys.Send. Otherwise, perhaps there's a Windows API function that does it. There's definitely nothing dedicated in managed code.
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    Re: Desktop gadgets

    It's possible there isn't and never was an API to hide or show gadgets. There are many things Microsoft explicitly decided are user settings and user settings only. When that happens, sometimes some people go spelunking and find registry keys or other arcane mechanisms to change it. In general, if it's a Windows setting and there's no API you shouldn't.

    Not to mention Desktop Gadgets made their last appearance in Windows 7, which is no longer supported. It's not exactly an exciting thing to reverse engineer.
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